2020: An update

By Chi-Loong Chan | | Uncategorized

It has been some time since I last updated the V/R blog.

Not that things haven’t been happening – in fact a ton of things have occurred in the interim one and a half years since I last updated.

Went on biz trips with a client to scout out the overseas Indian edu-tech market. Done a whole bunch of visualizations designed for the events market. In fact, met start-up accelerators to find out the viability of doing a product business in this space.

In terms of projects, yeah, have done quite a few of them that are worthwhile to share. I’ve moved my articles mainly to LinkedIn and medium though, because I know I might get more hits over there. One bad thing though – I can’t embed that many images so I might come back to using this blog. Gonna upload a whole bunch of content back tot he blog, and backdate them.

2020 is going to be challenging. Covid hit, and hit hard, and all my traditional clients who are in marketing have no budgets. So this year is a year where there is not going to be much revenue at all whatsoever. (Don’t even talk about profits).

But V/R as a frontend studio will hopefully survive. We need to pivot to doing more application tech work rather than bling frontend glitz. Going back to university to teach to supplement my income, but also to network and find other opportunities. I don’t know how the marketing drought will last. It is going to be a long, harsh winter.