Live Dengue + Zika case data visualization.

Singapore has been hit by the Zika virus recently, as we have locally transmitted cases occurring since August 28th, and the numbers have climbed dramatically (currently 115 as of 1st September 2016).

I saw this annotated Google map mentioned in a article. I think I also saw it on Today Online and I was thinking why don’t I mash it up with the current live dengue heatmap that I wrote sometime back.

Because the visualization had already been written, it would have taken far less work than if I were to write it from scratch. And I know lots of people genuinely worried about Zika (including myself) so many people might be interested in this.

So here is the current Live Dengue website, with Zika virus data added, all gleaned from media reports.

Caveats: The data is pretty sparse, and there is no complete case data, which would be perfect for the visualization.

But mashing these two sets up allows you to see both the current live dengue case data with the zika virus data at the same time.

For example, to my untrained layman eyes, both Joo Seng and Circuit Road (where I live) has cases of dengue, meaning the Aedes aegypti mosquito had to be active in the area.

If anyone has a more complete data set (or knows of a more complete data set) please drop me a note. Meanwhile I’ll update this when the public gets new data.