Live Dengue + Zika case data visualization updates!

The NEA has recently started publishing Zika case updates for clusters, including total number of current cases per cluster.

Using this information, it was time to revamp the live dengue + zika visualization.

Because the two viruses are spread by the same vector (Aedes aegypti mosquito), it makes sense to plot cases where it might overlap. Thanks to more information from NEA, the visualization is now more useful.

Things added for ease of use (and asked for!):

  • New table with sort and search properties on Zika case clusters. Easy to immediately find the biggest Zika case cluster!
  • Dengue and zika case clusters use the same clustering mechanic on the same map, and this is intentional as you can see at a glance combined dengue + zika cases.
  • However, you can easily toggle between the two case sets by using the UI buttons at the top of the main visualization.
  • Also, the case markers, when you zoom down to the highest level, are different to help differentiate between the two.
  • Added 20th September: Ability to jump to zoomed map location by clicking on row of any of the tables.
  • Added 9th November: Data is finally live. We had to write a custom script to ping the site to get the data when it appears.

Will wait and see how stable the NEA site is in terms of format, plus how often they update before attempting such a feature. 🙂

Hope you find the updated visualization useful!

Zika data will be updated when NEA releases new information and time permits.