According to the 2013 Open Data Index, Singapore is not really very open about its data, and countries like China and Indonesia scored better than the island state.

The 2013 index was just published this month by the Open Knowledge Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2004 dedicated to promoting open data and content around the world.

Now V/R has been looking at and participating in quite a bit of the local government initiatives (e.g. the APPS4SG competition by to drive adoption of open data in the local market, so I am a little surprised to find us ranked so low.

Certain bugbears are oft-mentioned: Lack of machine readable data, lack of openly licensed data (not just openly available). Also interesting was the zero score openness rating on government budget spending.

Food for thought, especially if you work in the data space and see how others compare Singapore with other countries on transport, pollution, budget data etc.